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The era of the PC isn´t as over as you might think

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Don’t trust the hype. Yes, you’ve read in the tech press that the PC era is over and that tablets have taken over. But is this true? Are PCs really dying? The writers at ITworld, in a recent feature, state that no, the PC isn’t dying. The truth is, according to ITworld, the PC continues to be necessary as ever.

Job’s Quote

Those anticipating the end of the PC era point out HP’s decision to exit the business as proof the PC is on its deathbed. Others quote Steve Jobs who before his death likened PCs to trucks: We needed trucks when we lived a rural lifestyle. But now that more people live in cities, trucks aren’t as important.


But ITworld claims that Jobs’ argument is flawed. The best-selling vehicle in the United States remains a truck, the Ford F150 pickup. That’s because people still need trucks to get work done. This holds true for PCs: People need them to get work done.

PCs and Work

Tablets are perfect for many things. They’re not great, though, for those who need to get real work done. It’s quite difficult typing a report on a tablet. It’s a chore to use tablets to produce spreadsheets or slideshows. But PCs? That’s the sort of work at which these machines excel. And, as ITworld argues, until we don’t need to work anymore we’ll need our PCs.

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