Cyber Security

The challenges to cyber security increase with each passing year. Noviant’s Managed Security Services are designed to protect your infrastructure, your business and reputation from intrusion.

Managed Security Services – MSSs

Optimize your risk management by partnering with Noviant for Managed Security Services. Our MSSs include the execution of security assessments and audits, monitoring and management of corruption/intrusion detection systems and firewalls, and quick response to potential security risks or emergencies. We provide technical and hands-on services to maintain your business’ cybersecurity, reduce potential risks, and work both reactively and proactively for your protection.

Virtual CISO

A Chief Information Security Officer is an imperative part of any business. This individual establishes and manages said business’ mission, strategy, and operations to ensure information and technology is optimally protected. For companies that may not have the budget to onboard an employee to fill this role, a Virtual CISO can be incredibly beneficial. Our Virtual CISO service allows for the onboarding of a tech solution which can execute the skills and tasks of an in-house CISO with significantly less financial expenditure.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Security Compliance

There are a number of laws and regulations surrounding information security which must be acknowledged and followed by all security systems. It is of the utmost necessity that these laws and regulations are accounted for, through learning about an adhering to each of them can be a significant challenge without the correct information. We work to ensure your information security is in compliance with all laws which may be in effect. We work with you to ensure your systems are regulated and, if not, adjust them accordingly. Security Compliance can either help or hinder your company in a significant way; we’re here to use Compliance to your business’ benefit.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Security Education

We offer cutting-edge security awareness training which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Through this educational platform, our partners can learn everything they need to know about security principles, practices, and procedures. This powerful yet easy-to-navigate platform was created to help individuals and businesses make smarter and more informed security decisions. The platform was designed for busy IT professionals with on-demand, interactive, engaging training through the browser combined with unlimited simulated social engineering attacks through email, phone and text. You can choose from dozens of categories with thousands of real-world, known-to-work phishing templates in 24 languages.

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