Cloud Solutions

Not all clouds have a silver lining. When conventional Cloud-based software solutions aren’t enough, Noviant employs custom-tailored Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions specifically for your business.

Data Center Hosting

If you are looking for third-party data hosting, we offer both public and private data center hosting within our Cloud services. We migrate, deploy, and host your data on a cloud-based infrastructure allowing you the same services, capabilities, and features of an in-house data center. You can access your data either through the internet or through a secure network connection, dependant on your security and privacy preferences.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing in the world of business. That said, it is important to understand that different Clouds may be more suitable for different projects. Each team, project, or even aspect of a project may require vastly different Cloud solutions. Whether it be to reduce dependency on one host, or simply because one offers features that another may not, Hybrid/Multi-Cloud solutions can be incredibly beneficial. Multi-Cloud is in reference to instances in which one may opt to have various Clouds working for various purposes, Hybrid-Cloud is when multiple Clouds are utilized simultaneously for one purpose. We work with you to identify the ideal route for your various projects, whether it be Hybrid or Multi-Cloud, and then implement this specialized strategy for you.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Data Protection

As the amount of data you are creating and storing increases, the necessity of data product in-creases. The security and privacy of your business’ data are of the utmost importance to us, therefore we work to craft impenetrable data protection solutions to ensure your data is safe-guarded from compromise, corruption, or loss. The protection of your data is imperative to the success of your business, and we work to guarantee it is dealt with in the most secure manner possible. 

*Both professional and managed service packages available

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