Consulting & Implementation

We offer both multi-dimensional professional and managed services to be catered to your unique needs and goals. From IT consultation to cross-platform management, we optimize the way you do business.

Professional Services

When you partner with Noviant, the success of your business becomes our responsibility. We offer a number of diverse, customizable professional services to help you succeed. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to both identify and solve your IT problems while onboarding software and systems to aid in your future success. Our professional services include the design, development, and implementation of software and solutions to suit your unique needs.

Managed Services

Rather than simply working to solve your existing problems, our managed services allow for a proactive approach to your tech needs, both present, and future. When you opt for a managed services plan with Noviant, we become your in-house IT team, working with you to deliver the highest quality of service, both for you internally and for your clientele externally. Our knowledge, experience, and tools are at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for a collaborative approach or a fully managed plan, we work with you to ensure your use of technology is as innovative and efficient as possible.

Low Voltage Cabling

We’re here to keep you connected and operating smoothly in the technological sphere. Noviant provides expert low voltage cabling services to install any and all cabling and wiring you require for your various network connections. If you’re experiencing any disorientation or frustration with your low voltage infrastructure, get in touch today.

Staffing Augmentation

Are you struggling with assembling the optimal team for your business or project? Our staffing augmentation service is an outsourcing strategy which works to build the ideal staffing for your project in direct relation to your business’ values and objectives. This carefully crafted technique begins with an evaluation of your existing team, your needs, and what additional work and skills you require to succeed. Let our team help you build yours!

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