Data Analytics

Uncover hidden patterns, market trends and other priceless insights that point to new revenue opportunities and smarter efficiencies.

Big Data

The analysis of Big Data is required to uncover market trends, hidden patterns, correlations, user information, and other such findings that are of the utmost importance in order to make informed business decisions and, in turn, generate more revenue opportunities, targeted marketing, improved customer service, and more efficient operations all around. Big Data analytics is quite complex, drawing upon specialized systems and software to gather information. At Noviant, we work with you to generate the information your business needs to success from the data being collected.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Artificial Intelligence

If you are in search of a data analysis solution, AI might be right for you. The design, development, and onboarding of an AI analytics solution can increase organization and efficiency while decreasing both time and financial output for your business. As a business, you are consistently producing and/or gathering significant amounts of data, but it is all meaningless if it is not meticulously analyzed to provide valuable insight for you and your team. AI analytics is an excellent choice if you are looking for superior analytics for your business.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

Business Intelligence

This procedure includes the analysis of raw data in order to generate useful information for your business and, in turn, assist you in making mindful and articulate business decisions. Our Business Intelligence services include, but are not limited to: business performance management, reporting, analytics, data mining, text mining, event processing, benchmarking, predictive/prescriptive analytics, and more.

*Both professional and managed service packages available

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