The security of students and faculty is key to the integrity of any learning institution.


When it comes to the education system, safety is of the utmost importance. Firstly, the security of the physical institutions, students, staff, and faculty members. Secondly, the security of the information and networks. Additionally, monitoring and regulating the information and websites that students may access is a key concern. What students are accessing on the web is para-mount for two reasons: for their safety, and for the safety of the hardware and networks, as most students do not have intensive cybersecurity awareness and may be led to malicious web-sites through no fault of their own. The information in circulation through educational institutes is incredibly important and, in most cases, private. For the safety of the individuals and information involved in the education system, superior security software and system must be put in place.

Our Solution

For this purpose, we install CCTV and door access systems throughout the entirety of a cam-pus. Therefore, all areas of the institution are monitored and logged at all hours of the day. In terms of network security, we integrate advanced security protection measures. These measures include a custom web content filtration system which protects users from malware and other web-related risks. Additionally, we set up separate wireless access points for students and faculty members with user-specific restrictions. For the implementation of these solutions, we rely upon the following technology: CCTV, door access, firewall, and wireless access points.

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