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Windows 8.1 unlikely to solve the OS’ problems

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Don’t like Windows 8? Well, you probably won’t like Windows 8.1 — Microsoft’s effort to tweak the operating system — either. That’s because, as New York Times tech writer David Pogue writes, the new version of Windows 8 doesn’t resolve the biggest weaknesses in the operating system.

The problems

First, Windows 8.1 doesn’t restore the Start menu. Users who desire it will still need to install a third-party app that restores it.

Two worlds

Secondly, Windows 8.1 doesn’t resolve the fact that the operating system attempts to combine touchscreen and mouse-and-keyboard navigation. This makes a system that by trying to appeal to all users doesn’t satisfy any.

A disappointment

Pogue’s advice is simple: If you aren’t a fan of Windows 8, don’t invest in Windows 8.1. You won’t be a fan of it, either. Our advice? Stay with Windows 7. That’s a quality operating system.

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